We will provide estimates upon request or if we feel the tool is approaching 50% of normal resale value.  An estimate is an approximate cost of repairs and sometimes extra time or materials are needed to finish the repair.  We will advise you if the extra cost is extreme.  All estimates do not include sales tax and freight.  Any tool not repaired will not be reassembled.  The estimate fee will be waived, or if prepaid, applied to the purchase of new equipment.

Estimate fees are based on the amount of time and size of equipment.  The fee is to cover the time and materials, tearing the equipment down, and evaluating components.  The  time spent is part of the repair costs when estimate fee is paid in advance.

Small electric and air tools $10-$15 flat rate.

Hammer drills, breakers, large air tools $25.00 per hour.

Pressure washers, compressors, heaters, lubrication equip $25.00 per hour.


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Morgan King